DMC664A - Blackhawk/US Army Helicopter Electrical Connector Repair Kit

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  • Repair Kit for Blackhawk/US Army Helicopter Fleet
  • 12 Week Lead Time

The DMC664A Connector Repair Kit was developed to facilitate the rapid repair of battle-damaged electrical connectors, supplying your staff with both the information and the tools necessary to make this type of repair to the U.S. Army Helicopter Fleet in the shortest time possible.

DMC has already researched the wiring manual of the U.S. Army Helicopter Fleet and has identified the most common tools required to maintain the electrical connectors.  DMC has cross referenced these tools to the connectors, contacts and terminals, eliminating costly and time-consuming research which would otherwise have to be performed by your electrical technicians.

Tool kit supplied in an environmentally sealed fiberglass case and includes: Name Plate, Foam Pads/Inserts, Contents Charts, Instruction Charts, and Tool Selection Charts.


MIL-C-5015 Series MS3100, MS3450
MIL-T-7928 Insulated/Uninsulated Terminals/ Splices
MIL-S-12883 Relays
MIL-C-22992 Heavy Duty Connectors
MIL-C-24308 D-Subminiature Connectors
MIL-C-26482 Series I & II
MIL-C-26500 Firewall Connectors
MIL-C-28748 Rectangular Rack & Panel Connectors
MIL-C-28804 Rectangular Rack & Panel Connectors
MIL-C-38999 Series I, II, III & IV
MIL-C-55302 Wiring Boards
MIl-C-81511 Series IV
MIL-C-81703 Series I, II & III
MIL-C-81714 Terminal Junctions
MIL-C-83723 Series I, II & III
DOD Specification AIMS Series
Airborn WTK Series
Appleton Electronics Relays
Bendix Series BT-M, JT, PT & PT-CE
ITT Cannon Series CA, CV3450, D*M, D*MA, DPX2ME, DPE, DPJM & KJL
Matrix Science “944” Series
TRW Cinch “300” Series
Viking Relay Sockets (MIL-R-6106)
Winchester “MRAC” & “XAC”
MIL-A-9177A Audio Connector
MIL-C-39012 “N” Series RF-Coaxial, “C” Series RF-Coaxial, “BNC” Series RF-Coaxial, “TNC” Series RF-Coaxial, “SMA” Series RF-Coaxial, “UG” Series Adaptors
Amphenol RF “BNC” Series, “HN” Series, “N” Series, “SMA” Series, “DM” Series
Kings Electronics “KA” Series, “TNC” Series RF-Coaxial, “KC” Series RF-Coaxial & “KD” Series RF-Coaxial
Raychem “748” Series, “482” Series & “723” Series

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