WA27F-CC - Pneumatic Crimp Tool Cycle Counter


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The WA27F-CC is the direct equivalent of the AF8 Standard Indent Crimp hand tool for size 12-26 wire with a Cycle Counter. The WA27F accommodates TH-xxx MIL-standard and commercial series turret heads or TP-xxx MIL-standard and commercial series positioners.

Length: 10”
Diameter: 2 3/4”
Weight: 50 oz.

Optional equipment includes the WA10A Foot Valve, the WA27RF Air Regulator and Filter, and the BM2-A Bench Mount, sold separately.


Most shops perform “GO/NO-GO” inspection on crimp tools after a specific period of time. But the usage of crimp tools in production or maintenance operations is inconsistent, and during a given period of time, a tool can be used to terminate thousands of wires, or less than a hundred, maybe none at all. Ideally, tools should be gaged based on actual usage and not a period of time. In order to assist with this, DMC has designed a series of tools which are fitted with ruggedized Digital Cycle Counters that allow users to manage the tool through the inspection cycle based on the number of crimp cycles (actual usage) rather than an arbitrary time period. This greatly increases the number of crimp tools in production by decreasing the number of crimp tools awaiting gaging and balances the use of each tool between inspection events. Each time the handles are closed, whether crimping a contact or just cycling the tool, the cycle is counted. Gage inspection is accomplished with common “GO/NO-GO” gage and the tool is returned to production.


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